After Sales Services

After-Sales Services normally refer to the packaged databases and reports and are designed to provide new or additional database information, data manipulation and analyses. In addition After-Sales Services allow clients access to related databases and complementary information.

All databases, reports, studies and consultancy assignments must inevitably mean that the publishers or consultants are trying to interpret the needs and expectations of their clients. Unfortunately in most cases, with most publishers, the clients will not receive all the data they need. This is not the case with our products.

The main problem that we had to resolve is that a database for each report would, if produced as a PDF document, be about 60 volumes of 5000 pages for each volume. Clearly this amount of information would be unusable and unwanted by the majority of clients - and indeed the cost would be twenty times greater.

To overcome this problem we have an AFTER-SALES SERVICE which will ensure that for 12 months a client can access the data in the whole database. This policy ensures that clients are completely satisfied with our products because clients can get whatever data they need - whenever they need it.

The cost of this AFTER-SALES SERVICE is about 50% lower than the normal commercial costs and provides a highly cost conscious method of acquiring a vast amount of additional and more detailed information at a relatively low cost. No other publisher provides such a service to their clients.

The researchers will ensure that clients receive After-Sales Services for a full 12 months after the purchase of a database.

After-Sales Services